April 23, 2024


The Gods Made Home

Self Publishing Success With Space Ads

After achieving relative success with space ads, Mike Somonic decided to try direct mail. Here is what he says…

“I invested $600 and made $7,000. I was in business. Once I had placed a few more ads, I realized that getting 700 orders from a junior page ad in a tabloid with a circulation of 200,000 is just outstanding. It’s just outrageous. Although I’ve done pretty well, I’ve not been able to duplicate those numbers since. It’s just one of those freaky things.”

So like Mike, what happens when the orders start coming in? How can you calculate the number of orders you’re going to get? This is what you can expect: If it’s a weekly, you’re going to get probably 75% of your total gross revenue in the first two weeks. It depends if you’ve got a phone line in there or not. Mike’s first ad did not have a phone.

You need a call to action in your advertisement and you need a guarantee. Mike always includes a lifetime guarantee. This will let you advertise honestly and if people don’t like the product, they send it back. Mike states in all his ads that there’s a lifetime guarantee.

Years ago it probably wasn’t a lifetime, but it was pretty far out there, maybe six months or something. But, yes, you’ve got to have a good, strong guarantee otherwise people are just too hip today.

If they get one sniff that you’re trying to con them or sell them something with the untruth involved, you’re going to be dead in the water.

Don’t waste your money. You have to be completely honest and really give value for the money, and really pile on the free bonuses.

If Mike can do it, you can do it. You can self publish and rake in the cash with these tips. Just do it.