June 14, 2024


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My Husband Needs Space – What it Means and What You Should Do to Save Your Marriage

“My husband needs space and I don’t know what to do.” This is unfortunately something women have to deal with every day. They’re married to a man they absolutely adore and one day he suddenly decides he needs space, or time, or he has to find himself. However he words it, it all means exactly the same thing. When a man says he wants some time to himself, he’s already got one foot out the door. The way a woman handles herself when this happens will either help to rebuild her crumbling marriage or will push him farther away. If you aren’t ready to let your husband go, you need to learn what steps are necessary to rebuild the relationship and make him love you more.

If your husband needs space your guttural instinct is going to be to fight him tooth and nail on it if you are still in love with him. Many women panic when they feel their partner is slowly disengaging from the relationship and they react in very strong ways emotionally. Things like crying, or pleading with him are very common. Men expect this. It’s one of the reasons they try and soften the blow by saying they want some space as opposed to coming right out and demanding a separation. He’s prepared for you to react negatively and emotionally, so you need to do the exact opposite of that. You have to accept that he wants some time away from you and you have to give him that. This does not mean that you’re letting him go forever. It’s just temporary. Chances are good that he has no intention of going anywhere and if he does he’ll soon realize how empty his life is without you in it.

You should also take some time to focus on yourself. One of the reasons that a couple drifts apart as their marriage matures is they become different people than the two who walked down the aisle. It’s very easy to allow life’s stresses to get you down and this can result in you not tending to your own needs in favor of those of your children or husband. Set aside some time now to focus on your own needs. Do things that make you feel better about yourself. Many women find a lot of fulfillment in exercising, or starting a new job or even doing some volunteer work. They key is to do the things you enjoy doing. That will help you to be a happier person and when your husband sees the transformation in you, he’ll be reminded of why he married you in the first place.