June 14, 2024


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Papasan Chair Cushions – Best for Comfort and Back Support

Sitting for extended periods will not only make you feel stiff and uncomfortable but it can also cause serious damage to your back when done regularly. In order to avoid such injuries and discomfort, it is recommended that you take a break every half an hour or so to stretch your back and flex your muscles. It is also recommended that you use a chair that will be able to support your back and keep you comfortable even after long periods of continuous sitting.

This is the reason why most offices today provide ergonomic chairs for their employees who have to sit for several hours at a time in front of the computer. But what if you work from home and you still have to be in front of the computer most of the time? An ergonomic office chair would still work of course but it certainly does not have a very homey look to it. If you don’t want to create a corporate environment right inside your home, you should take a look at the other feasible seating options, such as the papasan chair.

Papasan chairs are round bowl-shaped chairs made of rattan topped with a round cushion that is thick enough to be extremely comfortable even if you sit in it for long periods. At first look at the chair, one probably wouldn’t think it will be very useful for work because the uses that would immediately come to mind are things like relaxing to watch a movie, curling up to read a good book, or chatting with friends while drinking wine, and other similar activities.

While it’s true that the papasan chair definitely works very well for all the purposes mentioned above, it can also be very valuable for someone who works at home and uses the computer a lot. The biggest problem that people face when sitting in front of the computer for a long period is the risk of back pain and neck injuries. But if you replace your regular chair with a papasan chair, you will instantly see the difference.

If you use a desktop computer, the papasan chair would likely be too large for you to be able to lean all the way to the back while working. This means that you would have to sit with your bottom resting on the front edge of the chair, keeping your back straight up without support. However, every time you feel somewhat tired and you want to rest your back and neck, all you have to do is move your bottom backwards a few inches and you can conveniently recline all the way back and get that much-needed rest.

On the other hand, if you are using a laptop computer, which is what most people these days are using anyway, you can sit snugly all the way in the papasan chair and conveniently work with your computer on your lap, and both your back and your neck resting comfortably on the thickly padded cushions of the chair. Of course, even with this uber-comfortable position, it is still advisable to stand up and stretch at least every hour in order to keep your blood circulation going and to prevent your body parts from getting numb.

Besides being ergonomically effective, the papasan chair also adds a lot of charm to your home. Depending on the color, patterns and fabric you choose for the cushion cover, you can turn this highly versatile chair into something fun, formal, homey or even quirky. Best of all, good quality papasan chairs are very durable so they can last for many years to come.